Pursuing the edges of Technology to bring riders the best Alloy wheels possible - Light enough to spin your way to the top, Superior braking on the way down  

How do Alloy Discs work?

Disc brakes move the braking surface away from the rim to a rotor attached to the hub of the wheel. The friction generated between the brake pads and the rotor slows the rotation of the wheel and allows the rider to stop. Disc brakes have greater stopping power, more precise braking and are better suited to wet weather.

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Leading Edge hub Technology | Patented Ratchet drive hub system Exclusive to Scribe

Latest Advances in Alloy Technology | Hardened T10 processing

Choice of bearings | You choose!

Performance you'll actually feel | Tested by real life riders, Journalists, as well as the Pros

Designed for purpose, Scribe's alloy wheels are amongst the best when it comes to light weights, and technical features. With tubeless ready designs and wide rim profiles (19mm internals), our range will offer you unrivalled levels of performance. 

By utilising the latest advancements in alloy manufacturing, the Scribe alloy wheel range is light in weight, but incredibly strong due to the hardening process at manufacture. Whether you need a reliable set of hoops for training, or a super lightweight, highly responsive wheel set, we have something for you. 

With 19mm internal rim widths, you have the option to run wider tyres, should you wish. Find out more about wider tyres:- are wider tyres faster?  

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