At Scribe, we challenge, test and obsess over the smallest of details to explore what's possible with product development, and to make sure we bring you the best product possible. The below provides a snapshot of the level we go to...




Scribe Ratchet Drive System - Exclusive to Scribe, we use a single disc Ratchet Drive System, with leaf spring actuation. Included with all of our performance wheels, this is a responsive, high torque system that offers almost instant drive when the power goes down.

The biggest advantage of a Ratchet Drive System is that ratchet faces engage simultaneously, every time, which helps increase durability.

There aren't many single disc ratchet drive hubs on the market and if you look up rivals with similar tech, their hubset alone costs ~£475. If you consider we sell a full Super-light Carbon wheelset for £870, and Performance Alloy wheels from £330 - £380, our wheels are amongst the best ultimate upgrades for the money.



Chemically Enhanced Resins - As Resin affects the strength, weight, and thermal ability of carbon rims, it’s important to get the right mix; for the purpose. For example, as Carbon rim brakes have a friction track for braking, the carbon surface can be exposed to much higher temperatures when compared with disc rims, and therefore needs increased heat resistance - without adding too much weight, of course.

For the Scribe wheel range, we use chemically enhanced Resin mixes that are specifically designed for purpose. We use a special Disc-Specific resin for carbon disc brakes with a High Glass Transition (TG) (up to 180º), and an upgraded Super-High TG mix (up to 240º) for carbon rim brakes. Paired with our own Scribe pads (compound designed for our rims), you can ride hard, knowing you can brake with confidence.

FEA illustration for spoke loading: Carbon rim test for

single spoke loading before and after loading.

[Scribe carbon rims have been Lab tested to 280 kgf/ spoke hole ] 

High Tier Carbon Fibre with Spoke Hole Reinforcement- At Scribe, we only use Japanese Toray, high filament (12k / 18k), carbon fibre for our carbon wheel range. This is to make sure all carbon wheels with our logo are super-lightweight, but are still incredibly strong. This includes extra reinforcement at spoke holes.

Heat Generation on Rim Side Walls

X-Ray Quality Control Check: - Quality control check

for carbon reinforcement at spoke holes.

Tubeless Ready Technology - Every Scribe wheel

comes as tubeless ready. This includes:

  • Strengthened side walls
  • Bead lock rim beds (so you can can low pressure without worrying about the tyre rolling),
  • Hooked rim edge to anchor tyre bead,
  • Ramped wells for easy tyre fitment.

Note: tubeless tape comes fitted as standard on all of our wheelsets.

Wide, and Wide and Wide++ Rim Designs - All of our rims are wide in design with internal widths ranging from 19 - 21mm. Wider rims offer lower rolling resistance, better aerodynamics, a more comfortable ride, and better handling. Most of these advantages come from increased air volume due to a wider rim base. A 23mm tyre for example on a 19mm rim holds about 720,000 cubic mm of air. The same tyre on a 24mm rim holds about 915,000 cubic mm of air. An increase of ~27%. The increase in air volume means you can run much lower pressures without the risk of pinch flat. As tyres are more flexible with lower pressures, you will roll over the road smoothly, rather than bounce over them (even at a small level), which lowers rolling resistance - giving you free speed! The lower air pressures also make the ride more comfortable.

Hardened, Super lightweight Alloy - light enough to spin your way to the top, but strong enough to take impacts. Scribe alloy rims go through extreme heat treatment processes to produce exceptionally strong, yet lightweight rims. As weight generally slows wheels down (especially when weight is far away from the hub, centre point), this means we can build you incredibly fast responding hoops, with low weights.

Brake Testing - Max Heat: Independent rim wall heat

testing to establish Max temperature resistance (240º).

Note - Scribe specific brake pad used.


We use a combination of Pillar spokes, depending on the wheelset. For models that are performance orientated, we use the Aero Pillar Wing 20 spoke, and for those designed for strength, we use the PSR spokes.

Following aerodynamic and laboratory testing, the Wing 20 offers increased aero benefits over all bladed spokes on the market with increased stiffness. At 4.3g each, and almost as light as Titanium, we can build you a super-lightweight wheelset that allows you to get up to speed fast with increased aero gains when at speed.

Pillar PSR Spoke

Pillar Wing 20 Spoke

Pillar spokes are high in strength, and use Swedish Stainless Steel T302+. Utilising Pillar Patented head technology, the spokes offer increased strength at anchor point and reduces fatigue so your wheels stand the test of time.

Nipple Choice - For nipples, we use Pillar Patented TG-Lock square head so the nipples are locked into place.


Scribe Labs is our latest edition to the Scribe YouTube Channel.

Looking for detailed demonstrations, 'How To' guides and exclusive "Closer Looks" at all of our high performance wheelsets. Then head over to our YouTube Channel now and hear from our in-house engineers who collectively have over 40 years of experience within the cycling industry!


Bearings and Grease

Bearings are an essential component for every wheel set, and we have spared no expense to get the right bearings & grease for the purpose. All of our wheels come with 6x sealed stainless steel bearings; 4x in the rear, and 2x in the front.

For Scribe performance wheel sets, we give customers the option to run non-contact seals (with light, super fast grease - not good in wet), and for wheels designed for all-season riding, we use contact seals with Scribe Aqua grease (water tight bearings, and water repellent grease - still fast and will stand the test of time).


Every Scribe wheelset has been rigorously fatigue tested to the point of breaking as they soar past industry standards, and to ensure you receive the ultimate in durability. As riders ourselves, we know where the limits of modern cycling components reside, and we are successfully pushing the limits of cycling performance to new levels.

Video 1: Prototype Carbon (Wide+ 32mm with 21mm internal) and Lightweight Disc hub Extreme Fatigue test: (4 times ISO standard) - 3 Million cobbles (!) (10mm in height), 64kg load (for single wheel), 25 Kph. *23mm Vittoria Rubino Pro tyre used for testing at 90% max inflation

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