Wheels for Purpose

Tubeless Ready Technology - Every Scribe wheel comes as tubeless ready. This includes strengthened side walls, bead lock rim beds (so you can can lower pressures), ramped wells for easy tyre fitment, hooked rims, and tubeless tape fitted as standard. 

Wide, and Super wide (Wide+) Rim designs - All of our rims are wide in design with internal widths ranging from 19 - 21mm. Wider rims offer lower rolling resistance, better aerodynamics, a more comfortable ride, and better handling. Most of these advantages come from increased air volume due to a wider rim base. A 23mm tyre for example on a 19mm rim holds about 720,000 cubic mm of air. The same tyre on a 24mm rim holds about 915,000 cubic mm of air. An increase of ~27%. The increase in air volume means you can run much lower pressures without the risk of pinch flat. As tyres are more flexible with lower pressures, you will roll over the road smoothly, rather than bounce over them (even at a small level), which lowers rolling resistance - giving you free speed! The lower air pressures also make the ride more comfortable.

Sapim spokes - Produced from high-tensile, fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel, Sapim spokes produce some of the highest fatigue tested results out there. Used on most of our range, the CX-Ray is almost as light as Titanium, more long lasting than any other spoke on the market, and it's considered to be the best aerodynamic eliptic spoke available. 

Nipple choice - Ever get a locked, corroded Alloy nipple that won't budge? Yeah, us too. Often overlooked, using the right nipple can significantly add to the performance of your wheelset. Depending on the purpose of wheel, we use Brass (for wheels exposed to high-fatigue, or corrosive conditions such as wet/salty winter roads), or Alloy nipples for performance builds. Check out our 365 models.   

Bearings and Grease - Bearings are an essential component for every wheel set, and we have spared no expense to get the right bearings & grease for the purpose. All of our wheels come with 6x sealed stainless steel bearings; 4x in the rear, and 2x in the front. For Scribe performance wheel sets, we use non-contact seals (with light, super fast grease), and for wheels designed for all-season riding, we use contact seals with Scribe Aqua grease (water tight bearings, and water repellent grease).  

Product Testing - Every Scribe wheel set has been rigorously fatigue tested to the point of breaking, fatigued tested again, then destroyed to make sure they soar past industry standards, and to ensure you receive the ultimate in durability. As riders ourselves, we know where the limits of modern cycling components reside, and we are successfully pushing the limits of cycling performance to new levels. *Videos to follow shortly.


If you have any questions at all on Scribe product, don't hesitate to give us a call, click the Green chat button, or just drop us an email as we’d be glad to help - team@scribecycling.com